Saturday, May 22, 2010

Extra! Extra! Festival Day 1

Photos by the one and only Ian Gibb

Diamond Rings

Bike Rodeo

Windom Earle

Ruby Jean


Myles Deck and the Fuzz

Union of the Snake

This just in: It was too nice a day to feel pain. But was it magic? The sheer power of a sun so bright, and a festival spirit so thickly enthusiastic you could wrap yourself in it?
When asked how it feels to house the festival's box office and Artist Market, the North Street Church groaned open its tremendous wooden mouth, blinked his window-shutter eyes and said "Well yes, I like it just fine. Especially those soaps, did you get your hands scrubbed yet?"

From within the Artist's Market on Friday, one man's crystals threw light onto eco-chic clothing. While the lenses in pairs and pairs of Ruby Boutique vintage glasses glimmered and gleamed. One young married couple greeted each other as if at an airport, embracing after the longest absence, when this reporter in fact knows it had only been a day. Witnesses looked on in happy awe, and silently ate their shortbread and rice krispy squares from the Queen's concession.

Then the Queen's opening night party was taking off like a bottle rocket in the middle of the commons-- with excited squeals emitting from the onlooking creators underneath.

Jenocide served hotdogs while peddling her tasty grrl-ectro jams. The stage was rushed at the appearance of Tupperware Remixers from another time continuum. Windom Earle chanted "Long Live the Queen" and served up a full platter of rock for frenzied dancers. The debut of a three-piece Ruby Jean was accepted with open arms. And Diamond Rings disrobed on stage to the tune of Janet Jackson. It was a beautiful beginning.

Later, at Gus' pub, folks reconvened to sample the likes of Cursed Arrows, Union of the Snake, Bike Rodeo, Myles Deck, and Iron Giant. Deck is rumoured to have "shaken what his mother gave him", only to be followed by Iron Giant's singer belting his perfect voice and gripping his special chain-link microphone stand.
Sources say one and all enjoyed a calm walk home in the cool night. Some guests returned home to their loved ones and cats. Others found a bouquet of flowers in her door handle.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Take this personality quiz to figure out a personalized festival guide. Simply write down your answers, and add up the points after.

1) Sitting up in bed, stretching-- what was the first thing you thought of this morning?
a) That damn bird outside your window. And just how you're going to shut it up.
b) The run you need to go on. Now! Before anyone else is up.
c) Going back to sleep. Why is the bed always warmer when you've gotta get out of it?
d) ...Them

2) You're an astronaut. The best day of your life:
a) The first time you launched up into that great big sky and touched a star or two.
b) Coming home.
c) Looking through the reinforced glass window, back down at our blue green world, and giving it the middle finger while you slowly mouth -- "EAT IT, EARTH."
d) Hasn't happened yet.

3) And when you finally get all you want, you
a) Will be so surprised.
b) want to share it, before even understanding what it means.
c) probably won't notice until you find it crushed underneath your boot.
d) will scream.

4) At a horse race you
a) bet on the horse with your father's name.
b) opt to buy some binoculars instead. At least they're not a gamble
c) notice for the first time the real mad size of those bewildering beasts running.
d) yell until you're hoarse! (Excuse the pun.)

5) In the summer you will
a) swim, run, picnic, fly a kite or two.
b) have the hugest bonfires.
c) relish the nights, too hot for any jacket or sweater.
d)Finally live.

6) On a plane. You're going to
a) Paris, then Rome.
b) visit a dear friend, very far away.
c) bet your oxygen mask doesn't work.
d) sleep soundly.

7) Almost hitting a beautiful glowing person with your car, you tell them
a) "let me make it up to you by taking your phone number."
b) "you think because you're good looking you don't have to look both ways?! Typical."
c) "I knew something like this would happen today."
d) "Are you alright?"

8) Bad news comes. You just need someone to tell you:
a) "You've been brave".
b) "Suck it up. Quit yer whining."
c) nothing. Just be there.
d) "At least there's something worth caring about."

9) You think your horoscope is
a) sooo right. It's scary.
b) bullshit.
c) better than the crossword.
d) trying to tell you something.

10) No one knows
a) you speak French too.
b) you were in love once.
c) how you make that perfect recipe, every time.
d) where to find you.

Now find your results HERE

Painting by Steven Riddle

Shine Diamond Rings (The Coast)

John O’ Regan brings his tiara-worthy glittery folk pop to this weekend’s Long Live The Queen festival.
by Mark Teo

Diamond Rings shine

If there's a single accuracy to High Fidelity's Rob Fleming, it's that devout music listeners are compulsive list-makers. And those quick to compartmentalize will surely reduce Toronto blog-buzz darling John O'Regan, AKA Diamond Rings, to the easiest, glam-drogenous denominators: Ziggy Stardust, Boy George, Adam Ant.

But layered eyeliner, animal-print tights and retina-scorching legwarmers aside, Diamond Rings, playing Friday at Long Live The Queen, isn't just retro night writ large. If anything, he says, O'Regan's channelling Gordon Lightfoot---sans moustache, of course.

"My songs are folk songs, that's how they're written," he says. "Like the disco version of 'If You Could Read My Mind,' by Starz on 54---that was originally a folk song. I wanted to tap into something like that, something malleable but distinct. Because a good song is a good song."

O'Regan, otherwise known as the bookish, boyish leader of Ontario post-punk act The D'Urbervilles, isn't just being brash here. In the space of a year, he's amassed more than 100,000 YouTube views and landed tours with Woodhands and Owen Pallett. One Big Silence, an upstart electro label headed by Fucked Up's Mike Haliechuk, selected a Diamond Rings single as its inaugural release, due this summer. He's enlisted Ohbijou's James Bunton to produce his forthcoming debut full-length, Special Affections. He's even wowed the jaded tastemakers at Pitchfork---in fact, they premiered his video for "Wait and See."

This, on the strength of two limited-release singles. But hard as it may be, O'Regan's pragmatic about the hype.

"It was wicked! When you looked at Pitchfork's sidebar, there was the record that we designed and pressed beside the cover of, like, the new Usher single or something. Total mindfuck, right?" he says, with a laugh. "But I'm aware that people are incredibly fickle. It's important to not look for validation from the outside to justify your own effort."

O'Regan approaches his music as work---he's wary of being "just another singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar." His bedroom dance-party starts with a MIDI keyboard, a six-year-old Mac and his rudimentary-but-improving Ableton and Garageband skills; live, he adds a smoke machine and an onstage persona he describes as a "veritable freakshow."

"I don't want to be the guy that everyone talks over," he says. "The sound, the look, it's a survival mechanism. I'm going to make it loud and visually arresting."

But then, there are the Flemings of the world. O'Regan says his sexual orientation's always in question; but those are the questions he wants his audience to ask of him and perhaps, of themselves. While immersing himself in queer theory---he cites philosopher Judith Butler and feminist art historian Amelia Jones---he became finely attuned to the concept that performance isn't limited to the stage. "People always want to say, 'It's a gay thing, it's a straight thing.' It's not about that," he says. "It's about the idea of viewing gender and everyday life as a performance. Being onstage in tights and makeup is no different than [Pavement's] Stephen Malkmus being up there in a plaid shirt and jeans."

But while O'Regan aims to challenge with his stage persona, he's still adamantly pop. Besides, he says, lo-fi indie snobs could learn a thing or two from Usher and crew. "It's easy to make something abrasive and openly confrontational---something no one likes," O'Regan says. "If you can make something that your mom will like, that's still fresh and raw and new, that's fucking hard. And that's what I go for.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tupperware Remix Party

This Halifax foursome is "ever-grooving" from their sexed up funk licks right down to their robot-costumed toes. They are slinging electronica-infused dance rock and were awarded categories of best hijinx, best dressed, and most importantly, best band to dance to by The Coast this year. You can call them by their warrior names.

You can catch Tupperware Remix Party at the North Street Church on Friday, May 21st with Diamond Rings, Ruby Jean, Windom Earle, Jenocide, and the It Felt Like a Kiss DJ's. The show starts at 6:00 pm and is $12 at the door. Blast off.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Queen hearts kids!

If Northrop Frye was right, youth is the Springtime of life. Everything is available, waiting and beautiful. In case you haven't been to the Halifax farmer's market on a Saturday morning, we should inform you that all the babies there are way cuter than anyplace else in the city.

The Queen is admitting babies free to all North Street church shows the weekend of the festival. Children under ten years of age can come for free, accompanied by their parents, babysitters, aunts and other important guardians.

This is to ensure that everyone in the neighbourhood feels extremely welcome, but also, The Queen is hoping some of the innocence and candour of youth will rub off on her.

Here's hoping kiddies!

-The Queen

p.s. don't forget earplugs

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Long Live the Queen is Proud to give you the LLTQ sampler courtesy of Zunior!

13 Tracks from highlighted festival artists!

Grab the LLTQ sampler in one-click:
Code: LLTQsampler455


LLTQ sampler features songs from Diamond Rings, Yellow Jacket Avenger, Cousins, Cursed Arrows, Rebekah Higgs, Jon McKiel, Julie Fader, Jenocide, Ruby Jean, Windom Earle, Daniel Ledwell, The Darcys and Heavy Meadows.

Download it for free today!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Darcys

This onetime foursome and former fivesome is once again a foursome and listening to them play is like having an amazing threesome, twice.

Toronto born and Halifax forged, The Darcys have been described as a great guitar band but that hardly narrows it down. To be more specific they are a really, really great guitar band with a secret soft side and the beards to prove it.

The Darcys will play Gus' Pub Saturday May 22 with Heave Meadows, Gamma Gamma Rays, and Lovesinger at 10 pm.

Click HERE for a free download of their 7" The House Built Around Your Voice



MAY 21st- 23rd at the North Street Church

The Artist's Market will be open for the entire Victoria Day long weekend from 11am to 11pm in the North Street Church.

The Artist's Market will be home to our festival box office where you can pick up your weekend passes and purchase tickets for festival events.

The Artist's Market will feature all Merchandise, T-Shirts, Tapes, Vinyls and CD from all the bands performing at Long Live the Queen as well as

- Pottery, Masks, and Drawings by Zoe Solomon
- Paintings by Julie Fader
- Drawings and Paintings Stewart Innes
- Kelly Zwicker's Recipe Book
- Books from Invisible Publishing
- Deux FM Clothing
- Jewelry By Twiggs
- A Vintage Clothing, Shoes, Sunglasses and Belts Boutique
- Local Snacks and Beverages
- Yoga demonstrations and information from the Ashtanga Shala
- Soy Products from Solas Naturals
- Stuffed Monsters from Joy Hillier at Team Sleep.

You can purchase band merchandise and Festival Passes and Tickets through our box office. We accept Cash or Visa through Paypal, we will have computers set up for customer use!

This is FREE and OPEN TO ALL!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Is he a great Halifax MC or the greatest Halifax MC? It is a debate that has gripped this town for years. We prefer to think of him as a great MC from Halifax. Whatever one thinks of him it cannot be denied he is a gifted lyricist who has been recognized as the best MC by The Coast for three years running.

But what about those oversized fake glasses he wears? Do they affect his world view? Can he see rhymes the way we can see colors? He wears them on stage, but also while he's eating avocado melts named after him, and while walking Jenocide's bicycle. The Queen wants to know whether that boy's vision is as bad as his music is good?

Check out this Jason Levangie video treat for Ghettosocks' jam "Out for Treats". See his "world view" for yourself.

Ghettosocks performs at the LLTQ Closing Party at Gus' Pub May 23rd with Wordburglar, Fresh Flesh, James Reid, T-WOO and DJ Diamond Rings.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Union of the Snake will play their first show at LLTQ.

This is the first line of what I was sent by Jim MacAlpine when I asked him to send me some sort of bio for his new band: "Three guys from a bunch of bands, some celebrated, some reviled, get together to play some 'music'."

I'm not sure which of the bands represented by the members of Union of the Snake he's referring to when he claims revulsion. Union of the Snake consists of members from North Of America, VKNGS, and Kestrels to name a few. All of which were and are totally awesome, making me very excited to see this band. They will play at Gus' Pub on May 21st with Cursed Arrows, Bike Rodeo, Myles Deck and the Fuzz, and Iron Giant. The show is $10 and you should get there on time if you want to claim your space to check out Union of the Snake is all their heaviness.

- The Queen

Friday, April 30, 2010

Heavy Meadows

The dictionary says that a groove is an enjoyable time or experience. Heavy Meadows is a "five piece folk/jazz/rock/blues/retro/worldly project" with a Phd in grooving. They've been studying for nine years at the Halifax institute for entertaining fine folk. Come see them defend the thesis they wrote on enjoying oneself.

Check out a video from Heavy Meadows, a testament to "enjoying oneself." This beloved Halifax band plays the Long Live The Queen Festival on May 22nd at Gus' Pub. If this doesn't make you want to see them live, you're just crazy. Enjoy yourself.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Peering out from a pair of heart shaped shades Jenocide views all our smiling faces framed with hearts and therefore – if our logic is correct – she must love everyone. Whether this is true or not her electro-thrash-grrrl power-pop offerings will make you feel loved and you will dance accordingly.

Jenocide performs at LLTQ's Opening Party! North Street Church May 21st at 6pm along side, Diamond Rings, Ruby Jean, Windom Earle, Tupperware Remix Party and It Felt Like A Kiss. Oh what a night!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Volunteers! Volunteers!

The Queen commands your hands and minds!

We are in need of some volunteer help if you're up for it. If you can drive, we need you. If you can stage manage, we need you. If you like selling things for bands, we need you. If you want to be a part of this, we probably need you! Your hours will be traded for passes to our shows. Sound alright? Good.

Please contact Andrew Neville at andrewgneville@gmail.com or thequeenhalifax@gmail.com.

Be knighted!

Best regards and the warmest of wishes,

- The Queen

Monday, April 26, 2010

Julie Fader

Do you know the difference between lonely and alone? Fader is here to comfort you via audio journal. Honest, elegant, dynamic. Words that describe both Julie Fader, and her debut record "Outside In." Plucking through songs from the heart, Julie brings you and the rest of the crowd to a halting hush, drawing you into her world of words and pictures. Having sung with many mentionable names in Canada, Julie is an extremely talented singer and songwriter in her own right, paints perfectly drawn colored circles, and is able to write backwards.

Julie Fader woos you into submission at The North Street Church on Sunday May 23rd.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Festival Passes are for sale as of NOW on Ticketpro.ca

are for Sale for $45 (This gets you into all NORTH STREET CHURCH and GUS' PUB Events!)

ALL AGES PASSES are for Sale for $25 (This gets you into all NORTH STREET CHURCH SHOWS!!)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Festival Schedule!!!

Thanks to the beautiful Laura Dawe the festival schedule is now available!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the Luyas

Views of Montreal : THE LUYAS from vincent moon / temporary areas on Vimeo.

It's kind of hard to write three lines to define magic.
But we will say this: The Luyas are every great memory you've got. They do things that are overwhelming with beauty. Their music feels profound and full of glory and one time we sent a Luyas video to someone who was sad, just to remind them there are still things that matter. These former members of SS Cardiacs, Miracle Fortress, and Arcade Fire make torrid arrangements of french horn, organ, violin, xylophone. I know you are far too young to worry so much, but you WILL regret it if you miss these musicians from Montreal. So don't, ok?

Monday, April 19, 2010


Recently Halifax lost another of its finest. As she was packing to leave, this friend, Molly we'll call her, realized Cousins' music was missing. She couldn't find it in her computer, in her purse, her suitcases, it wasn't in her head where she usually kept it. Another friend, Katie, let's say, got a phone call from Molly. "I can't leave without my North end anthems!" came screaming out of the ear piece.

Each summer, the population of Halifax decreases by 20 per cent. About six universities inspire the consistent ebb and flow of people coming and going in this city. I know this transience has stolen a bunch of your friends. In fact, you can talk about it with Cousins' Aaron Mangle, he wrote a perfect song about it.
Please don't make me draw a circle round my friends
Don't make me build a fence around them
I'll tie a rope around their waists and pull them in close
I'll tie a rope around them

...My dear Halifax why you'd let them go
every few months the cool ship sets sail
the finest, the finest,
they all leave in turn
the finest the finest the finest...

Aaron's delicate falsetto sits atop "jangly, echoing and chunky guitar complimented by loud and syncopated drums."Cousins have been helped along by an impressive roster of Canada's finest, including members of Museum Pieces, Room Doom and Crowd Power. The recent release of a split cassette tape with Duzheknew has been much anticipated, and really awesome. "Inspiration is drawn from scraps of paper written by children, news stories about teens smashing cars, and narratives inferred from old 35mm slides."

Is it something in the water? Often I'm convinced the friends who move away don't even really want to that much, they just think they should. But when you live in one place for so long, you need a change. And yes, The Queen understands, but no, she don't like it.

-The Queen

This post is dedicated to some of The Queen's finest who have set sail on the cool ship: Chloe, Brett, Katie, Rach, Tate, Andy, Lilith, Emily, Dallin, Jordan, Anna, Joseph, Stacy, Greg, Jef, Ben, Steph

Leave a comment and share yours

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Julie Doiron, the magnate behind Sappy Records and Sappy Fest, started her first "real band" in 1990.

When Eric's Trip broke up in '96, Doiron started playing solo. A prolific and supernaturally-talented singer/songwriter, this lovely lady with the braids in her hair hails from Sackville, New Brunswick, and has had a long career of making heart strings tighten, and listeners swoon.

Doiron also plays with Mount Eerie (formerly Microphones) and Calm Down It's Monday.

The Queen simply cannot express how excited we are to have Julie Doiron playing on the May long weekend. She is our diplomat from another world of wonder, Julie, we crown you our honorary guest.

-The Queen

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cursed Arrows

Listening to Cursed Arrows is similar to receiving a hard punch to the face followed up by a passionate kiss. Sure it hurts but it’s like the good kind of hurt, you know?

Put another way it is a visceral post-punk experience put on by an Ontario duo clearly dedicated to making honest, intense music.

Cursed Arrows give you cute kitties and shadow puppets then the middle finger in this video for "Chop You Up".

Chop You Up from Cursed Arrows on Vimeo.

This married twosome, Cursed Arrows perform May 21st, at your favorite North End watering hole, Gus' Pub.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jon Mckiel

Jon McKiel has three things (that we know of) in common with Johnny Cash: both Jons rode the train from city to city on Tour, both got married to sing duets with their lovely brides, and they both recorded a song or two at Sun Studios.

Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis all walked into Sun Studios on a sunny Memphis day, and they all walked out with a rooster on their records.

Here is your favorite local songwriter, in the magical Sun Studios Singing "123".

Jon performs at LLTQ with his band May 22nd at the North Street Church

Monday, April 12, 2010

Innez Da Artwork

Stewart Innez AKA: Innez Da Future, not only gets your blood flowing and your hips moving on "la piste de danse", but draws radical artwork (which will be for purchase in the festival's artist market).

Visit the festival's artist market located in the North Street Church from 10am to 10pm All Victoria Long Weekend!

Innez da Future performs for LLTQ's Indie Pop Brunch at Local Source Market, along side DJ Bones and David Stiles May 22nd from 12pm-3pm. Yummy Yummy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Things that need to happen at all the best parties: Toronto Blue Jays pinata, choreographed dance, Michael Jordan card board cut-out CROWDSURFING. Things that happen at a Diamond Rings party: ALL OF THOSE AWESOME THINGS.

Formerly of the D'Urbervilles, formerly of Habitat, Diamond Rings is a Toronto based melodramatic popular song-slinger. Complete with stage make up and stage spandex: these reverberating sexed-up vocals and electro pop-hop beats might just go ahead and make you wet (from dancing and stuff).

Oh my good god it's going to be a party.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


1.a) 5 b) 3 c) 0 d) 2
2.a) 3 b) 2 c) 5 d) 0
3.a) 0 b) 5 c) 5 d) 3
4.a) 0 b) 2 c) 3 d) 5
5.a) 3 b) 5 c) 2 d) 0
6.a) 2 b) 3 c) 5 d) 0
7.a) 2 b) 5 c) 0 d) 3
8.a) 0 b) 5 c) 2 d) 3
9.a) 3 b) 5 c) 2 d) 0
10.a) 2 b) 5 c) 3 d) 0

40-50 points: Your heart is full of fury

You're happiest when it's loud-- the people, the music, life. It's not that you're an asshole, it's more like you're precise. You know what you like and what you don't like-- why pussyfoot around the rest? Your heart is like a cannon inside your chest, and with the right amount of fire power things can get real crazy, real fast.

Iron Giant
is your personal opening party on Friday night. Also, don't be coy-- bands with names like "Union of the Snake" and "Heavy Meadows" are right up your alley. On Sunday make sure to hit up T.V. Partyface. This kind of stimulation is like your own personal heaven. 'Nuff said.

26-39 points: Your heart is ready to burst

Your heart is currently building up like a really good song. Things started out slow, but now getting faster, and harder right until the bass shakes your rib cage and you're kicking over chairs, or making out with someone on the couch. Don't punch my lights out, put that energy where it should go-- right in the white-hot heat of the dance floor.

You'd never forgive yourself for missing the opening, or closing party with party starters like Diamond Rings, Ruby Jean, Wordburglar and T-Woo. The bookends of a hot weekend are where the real excitement happens. Just be good to yourself, don't fight how hard you want to cut a rug.

10-25 points: Your heart is broken (or on the mend).

You've been riding your tandem bicycle alone. No, no you haven't. You've been riding your tandem bike with the company of a 1.4 litre tub of Dutch chocolate ice cream. Being broken hearted is inevitable and normal, but--it doesn't have to be so lonely. And it doesn't have to be boring. Say that to yourself in the mirror and then get dressed (a bathrobe doesn't count).

Come have brunch with us on Saturday. Come fill your empty stomach, hear dance music at conversation level, light clinks of silverware, all while a Spring sun fills Local Source market. Good things happen on Saturday mornings, don't sleep through it. Before the weekend is up, make sure to see Julie Doiron, The Luyas, Julie Fader, and Daniel Ledwell play music.

I know you think no one really "gets" you right now, but your heart deserves some company.

0-9 points: Your heart is in need

You're exhausted. Maybe something happened, maybe nothing happened. But I want you to forget about it, and believe David Berman when he says "on a day like today, what looks like bad news in the distance
turns out to be something on my contact." Things really will be alright, if you let them.

I want you to nourish yourself. First, fill your stomach at the brunch on Saturday. Next, make your way to the North Street Church. The Queen's Artist's Market is open Friday, Satuday, Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Amidst the paintings, cook books, and cupcakes, you'll find something you like. You should have something nice, for no reason other than you want to. Do this for yourself. Then on Sunday really feel something while you listen to award-winning authors read at the Book Club's Literary Lunch. Do not miss Sue Goyette's poetry. Do not miss something you don't know exists. Nostalgia is a powerful drug. Come have fun.

No Tattoo for the Queen

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here it comes.

Oh my goodness, welcome. Here at this darling new festival, the level of excitement is so high you could fill a balloon with our good intentions and sail away in it.

Long Live the Queen is a brand new music and arts festival coming so soon to the North End of Halifax. For an entire weekend in May, a neighborhood will open its arms to musicians and artists and their families and dogs, and altogether, we will sigh and say:
"I'm so glad I finally have something to do on the May long weekend."

The Queen is about to be host to a barrage of very special bands. To know exactly who they are,
see our schedule.

The Queen is also seeking artists to partake in our Saturday artists market! And volunteers! You can get free access to shows by becoming a part of The Queen's family.
If you are interested, please see our contact page.